Day three: Nearly 10 hours of sketching and stalking Snowdogs.

Additions to my kit: An extra hat, another jumper and two pairs of gloves.

If you enjoy what you see, please make a donation to Martlets Hospice or the Brighton Housing Trust.


Splashhound, Unitarian Church

8:10am Paint doesn’t dry when it’s this cold!


Frank, Gloucester Road

9:10am Frank looks a bit stressed, due to the man just out of view, shouting into his mobile phone for a very, very long time.

Blot the dog, Churchill Square

10:00am Terrifying!

Neon Camo Snowdog of hope, Brighton & Hove High School

11:35am A tranquil spot.

Clifton, Montpellier Crescent


Marty, Hove Park

13:40pm Surely there can’t be any more?

Mod dog, Churchill Square

3:30pm A popular meeting place, so lots of ducking and diving to see this one.

Disco dog, Duke street

5:00pm Half a shandy and a packet of crisps with Disco Dog at dusk.

Many thanks to all the artists who gave their time to create these fabulous dogs. Please donate now! More to follow…

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