Day two: 9 hours of sketching and stalking Snowdogs.

For all my sketches, I’ve followed the urban sketcher manifesto, so there was no sneaking off to a warm café to touch up from photos. I’ve also put them straight down on the page in pen and wash, no pencil outlines or practice runs.

Feeling like the world needs a little love right now? A donation to a good cause, like Martlets Hospice or the Brighton Housing Trust, might help ease the pain.

Marty, East Street

8:50am They’ll never let you in to French connection dressed like that Horatio.



9:30am Ryuichi Sakamoto’s, ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’ plays on an endless loop in my mind. It could be the cold, but for the first time I think this might be madness. I can’t feel my hands.



10:20am Donatello staff eye me suspiciously, as they set out tables. I can’t feel my legs.

Roodle, Brighton Dome

10:55am Lurking silently in the corner in the cosy Dome porch, I learn that this is the dog most people want to steal. It really is fluffy.

Dave the dog, Floral clock

12:23pm Finally, a bench to sit on.

Max, Brighton and Hove Museum

13:30 A heavy night on the town for Max


Boomer, Big Beach Cafe

2:45pm Right here, right now.


3:40pm The wind blows rust in my face.

Pebbles, Hove Promenade

4:20pm Thanks to the nice woman who encouraged me to post these sketches online

Flower, Brighton Bandstand

5:00pm Pedestrians step on me in the twilight.

Many thanks to all the artists who gave their time to create these fabulous dogs.

More to follow…

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