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Quick sketch of the Brighton marathon today. My people are a bit wonky… they run surprisingly fast… its almost like they’ve trained for it.

Everyone’s a winner baby!
Got one of these for home now – so comfy
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The red lights are on, the sky is clear and the moon is conspicuously absent. Perfect stargazing conditions at the Herstmonceux astronomy festival this weekend.

Time to sketch Dome A at twilight, before admiring a staggeringly clear Milky Way, Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s Galilean moons. I had to eat a Mars bar to come back down to Earth!So cool!

Scream! Scream! No, that’s not the sound of children opening their presents. It’s the shrieks of the brave swimmers of Brighton and Hove taking their annual dip in The Channel on Christmas Morning! Happy Christmas!!

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I prepared for sketching at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this weekend with Monika Zagrobelna’s really helpful blog post on how to draw horses.

Capturing these gorgeous beauties from life is a very different matter, but I fixed my eye on the prize and let the pen ride the page.

The ones that look like big dogs are Shetland Ponies. The others I blame on the champagne.

The tea tent was a gentle trot in comparison!

It was all so exciting that I forgot to sketch the queen!

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