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Lycraphobes locked their doors today as the London to Brighton Bike Ride hit town.

Not even stopping to shake some Lycra in Bar Broadway.

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I prepared for sketching at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this weekend with Monika Zagrobelna’s really helpful blog post on how to draw horses.

Capturing these gorgeous beauties from life is a very different matter, but I fixed my eye on the prize and let the pen ride the page.

The ones that look like big dogs are Shetland Ponies. The others I blame on the champagne.

The tea tent was a gentle trot in comparison!

It was all so exciting that I forgot to sketch the queen!

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A gorgeous day for the start of the Brighton festival children’s parade which kicked off this weekend. Featured on the left are Patcham Junior School with Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. Many headed to the beach afterwards – melted and exhausted!

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Trying to draw a horse is tough at the best of times, but sketching in the dark at the superb National Theatre production of War horse at the Brighton Centre is on another level.

The staggering puppet horses are brought to life by three very talented operators. I confess I ‘cheated’ on the final sketch and did it from a photo at home.

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