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If sketching were a holiday, Urban Sketching would be like like wild camping.

Today, thanks to lockdown I’ve ‘upgraded’ to the 5 star luxury of painting at home. No moving targets, no changing light, warm, comfortable… yet uncomfortably decadent.

Behind Asda, Brighton Marina
Eaton Place, Brighton
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Q: How long does it take an octogenarian to get the vaccine?

A: As long as it takes to do 2 sketches!

Vaccination day at Brighton Racecourse.

‘Not yet eligible’ hides in the car
They’re neck and neck into the final furlong!
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Walking while sketching is hard enough when surrounded by sea walls.

But you know you’re addicted if you do it on a cliff edge.

Do not try this! Stay safe. Keep moving. Find sanity where you can.

First try – fairly stable under-cliff to Ovingdean
Second try – a bit wobbly towards Brighton
Third try – more wobble than a weeble…
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That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all

Oh do be quiet Emily Dickinson we are trying to watch the massive cygnets.

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