You can’t put a fruit pastel in your mouth without chewing it and I can’t walk past a lighthouse with sketching it.

This is North Foreland Lighthouse in Kent.Early evening on Broadstairs Beach. Beautiful.

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Here are some useful tips I picked up at Ireland’s National Museum of Country Life:

  1. Next Halloween I’m going to be putting on my Fiddle Face and bothering the neighbours with my Ghost Turnip.
  2. When I leave the baby to go to the well, I will put my tongs across the cradle to keep the fairies away.
  3. Next time someone doesn’t invite me to their wedding, I will disguise myself in straw, including a pointy ‘Strawboys’ hat and drink all the booze.
  4. If a Brideog knocks on my door on the 1st February, I’ll let her in and be nice.
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Some might say you must be particularly desperate to drive an hour and a half for a bath.

Usually I would agree, but what about if it also involved sitting in a massive steamy Edwardian box? …and the bath water was brown and slimy?Wash that down with an ice cold shower and your Kilcullen’s seaweed bath experience is complete.

I highly recommend it! Although sketching in the bath is definitely no walk in the park. Particularly when weighted down with seaweed.Again! Again!

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