Day four: 10 hours of sketching and stalking Snowdogs.

Additions to my kit: A tiny stool to sit on, more blue paint, new Aqua brushes.

I’m sketching the Snowdogs by the Sea to raise money for Martlets Hospice or the Brighton Housing Trust. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far.


8:05am A stunning morning


9:20am THE Snowdog


10:30am Dudley you nearly broke me. Bitter winds blow my paints away.


12:20pm Gizmo picks up some tricks at the skatepark.


2:35pm Bella looks longingly at the fishing boats.


3:35pm Process pup. The second time I’ve been filled with dread at the prospect of painting all those tiny shapes!


5:30pm Glimpsed ‘Newshound’ between the commuters. Are we nearly there yet?

Many thanks to all the artists who gave their time to create these fabulous dogs. Please donate now! Only 8 dogs left …

My justgiving fund raising pages are: Martlets Hospice and the Brighton Housing Trust.

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