8:15am It’s a doggy!

Thanks to Martlets Hospice and Wild in Art, you can’t walk down the street in Brighton and Hove at the moment, without the hearing excited shouts of SNOWDOG! SNOWDOG!’

After weeks of procrastination, the enthusiasm of the small people in my life, inspired me to commit to a long distance, urban sketchathon, to capture all 40-odd Snowdogs by the Sea before they go to their kennels on the 27th November.

If you enjoy these sketches, please make a donation to Martlets Hospice or the Brighton Housing Trust – it’s cold out there.


Smiley, St George's Church

8:50am Just before the café door obscured the view…

Seagulls of the south, Seafront/Bristol Court West

10:00am A quiet moment

Bow wow, Brighton Marina

11:00am Didn’t know what time it was my face was odd odd odd…

Snowman and the Snowdog sand sculpture, Marina Square, Brighton Marina

11:45am Pit stop

Brighton Rock (Rocco,) Brighton Marina New Boardwalk

12:30pm Too darn hot!

Bone China, Brighton Marina, New Boardwalk



Patch - the unfinished quilt, Seafront/opposite New Steine

2:00pm The sight of this filled me with dread

Under the sea, Sea life centre

3:00pm Small people dressed as witches, staring silently at you are unnerving

GRRace, Brighton Pier entrance

4:00pm Crimes against music on the pier

Palace pup, Brighton Pier

5:00pm No… get down … NOW!


Lola, Theatre Royal

9:00pm Using my palette from memory in the dark

Many thanks to all the artists who gave their time to create these fabulous dogs. Donate now! More to follow…


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