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For my last Inktober sketch, I wandered the residential streets of Brighton, hoping to sketch Halloween pumpkins in a doorway. Sadly it wasn’t possible without looking creepy, and not in a good way. 

Pumpkinless myself,  I was reduced to carving a Halloween papaya whilst watching the 1990’s TV mini-series of Stephen King’s  ‘IT’. A true horror of everyday sexism.

Crimes against papaya

That Ketchup really came in handy over the last week!


I’ve really enjoyed participating in Jake Parker’s Inktober. It’s been a real challenge to produce and post something every day, as well as share work I’m not always happy with. 

I’ve ruined a rucksack, a carpet and probably left unsightly stains all over Arizona, Nevada and Utah. 

However, I’ve had a lovely set of supporters who have really kept me going, so thank you so much for your encouraging comments, views and likes!

I’m really looking forward to ditching the 3.5kg’s of ink bottles, pens and various sketchbooks I’ve carried everywhere this month. I’m going to be floating on air, with just one sketchbook, my tiny paint palette and a couple of pens!

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My lap of honour around Vegas starts at the Luxor.

I am alone in the pyramid lift and it is making a noise no lift should make. It shakes violent from side to side and the display says ‘EZ’. What does that mean?  Is this part of the experience? I feel claustrophobic.

The display still says ‘EZ’. The doors start to rattle inwards and for the first time in my life, with force, I press the ‘save me’ bell. Nothing happens, but a second later the display says ’16…17′ etc. Soon the doors open and I leap out with enthusiasm.

Near check-in, The Luxor

To my dismay, when I head out, the only available lift is the bone shaker. I hold the doors until a big group of people join me. Their reaction to the shaking and grinding confirms this is NOT part of the experience.

Who can resist the MGM Grand Lion at sunset

I can confirm that women wear far more clothes in the real Paris

Halloween at the Harley Davison shop. Almost as terrifying as the lift at the Luxor.

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I ended my last day in the National Parks at Zion, the most lush and colourful. This meant a very early start, to miss the holiday crowds.

A chipmunk nibbling on a prickly pear on the Kayenta Trail

The Riverside Walk takes you up to the start of The Narrows. Which is essentially a hike in the Virgin river, so you need to be prepared. Fancy shoes, dry pants and a wooden pole can be hired for the occasion.

A couple of people setting off up the Narrows. Would love to have done this but sadly, although I had dry pants, I didn’t have the other necessary fashionwear

Ended the day with The Watchman trail. An amazing view up the valley, although the cloud was setting in.

Goodbye Zion

Now the joy of my world is in Zion

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