For my last Inktober sketch, I wandered the residential streets of Brighton, hoping to sketch Halloween pumpkins in a doorway. Sadly it wasn’t possible without looking creepy, and not in a good way. 

Pumpkinless myself,  I was reduced to carving a Halloween papaya whilst watching the 1990’s TV mini-series of Stephen King’s  ‘IT’. A true horror of everyday sexism.

Crimes against papaya

That Ketchup really came in handy over the last week!


I’ve really enjoyed participating in Jake Parker’s Inktober. It’s been a real challenge to produce and post something every day, as well as share work I’m not always happy with. 

I’ve ruined a rucksack, a carpet and probably left unsightly stains all over Arizona, Nevada and Utah. 

However, I’ve had a lovely set of supporters who have really kept me going, so thank you so much for your encouraging comments, views and likes!

I’m really looking forward to ditching the 3.5kg’s of ink bottles, pens and various sketchbooks I’ve carried everywhere this month. I’m going to be floating on air, with just one sketchbook, my tiny paint palette and a couple of pens!