It’s Sunday, so it must be time for the Arches omnibus.

I begin with Delicate Arch. 

I am Boba Fett perched at the Great Pit of Carcoon, and the Sarlacc is belching below me. At least it feels that way as I sit clinging to my rucksack and ink pots, terrified my sketchbook, or me, will slide down the 45 degree slope and into the sheer drop below.

It may be the altitude, or the heat, or the prospect of death, but when I stand, I have a major attack of the vertigos.

Can’t believe I stood under the arch for the money shot and an hour later I’m clinging to the rock with my head spinning!

Next up, a touch of sedate pen work down in the valley.

That’s Delicate Arch again from down below

One arch isn’t enough for me, so next up, Double Arch.

Yesterday was all chipmunks and vultures. Today lizards, deer and a skunk in the middle of the road!