Veteran car run 2013“I severed my arm off in the engine the 5th time we broke down. This reduction in weight was excellent luck. Particularly when my passengers had to get out and push the last 2 miles. All in all a jolly smooth run this year.”

Veteran car run 2013The RAC’s London to Brighton veteran car run has been taking place since 1927. It commemorates the ‘Emancipation run’, which celebrated the introduction of a maximum 14mph speed limit, and removed the need to have someone walk in-front of your vehicle.

Veteran car run 2013

Veteran car run 2013

Thankfully, there were so many women at the wheel, that the compere exhausted his supply of “lady driver” jokes.

I love the dedication and sunny optimism of the enthusiastic entrants. They are overjoyed when their beautifully maintained vehicles manage to complete the run. What an antidote to modern day expectations of technology.