Passacaglia, Brighton beach by Charles HadockI love a bit of rusty cast iron in evening light. So when the Autumn came up for breath earlier in the week, I took my chance and did a quick sketch of Charles Hadcock’s striking ‘Passaclagia’ sculpture on Brighton beach.

Sadly, I left my cadmium yellow at home, so had to make do with yellow ochre to capture the mood. In case you’re wondering, that is someone in a teddy bear hood sitting in the middle about to be crushed by the huge iron wave.

Emporium, London Road, Brighton

Queens park

By this weekend Autumn was back, so I escaped from the gusts in ‘Emporium‘ on the London Road for coffee and cake, only to discover that this former methodist chapel is also a theatre and bar.

I liked it’s unusual mix of furnishings with little booths at the side, an almost classroom like setup in the center and some ornate sofa’s thrown in for luck. With it’s lanky arched windows and stained glass it has a welcoming natural light and makes for a quite unique and quirky venue. They have a real mix of events going on so it’s worth taking a look – discounts are available when you book online.