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The urban sketchers are 10 years old this month. Today, in celebration, official groups around the world are sketching their cities, in a 24 hour ‘sketchwalk’.

Sadly there isn’t a group near Brighton, so I had my own, lone unofficial mini-crawl, starting in a damp Prince Albert Street.

I carried on the royal connection at George IV’s chinoiserie palace of debauchery, the Brighton Royal Pavilion

The ice rink is back for the winter. I’m sure Prinny would have thoroughly approved!

Definitely not a mosque

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Royal Pavillion ice rink night timeI’ve tried ice skating a few times. I spent most of the time clinging to the edge, or sliding on my knees, staring up at the gleeful faces of 7 year olds as they swished past, flicking ice in my fearful face.

This is why the Royal Pavillion ice rink is the perfect skating venue for me. All I have to do is park myself in the warm comfort of the restaurant, and carefully lift a cup of mulled wine to my mouth without burning my tongue. It’s exhilarating!Royal Pavillion ice rink daytime

The rink couldn’t be in a better location, especially at night with the camped up lighting. The restaurant and bar provide plenty of seating if like me, you’d rather sit it out. I particularly recommend the beer battered halloumi on the evening menu.

The rink is open until 19th January so there’s still time to flounder or figure skate around the circuit.

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