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A busy morning as Southwick Ship Canal. First a load of planks.

Posing in the lock

Then me and a very exited bunch of school girls watch the lock open for a second time.

Best school trip ever

Followed by a rest at Millionaires row.

No millionaires today…. must be inside counting money
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Whilst the temperatures in the UK teeter above freezing, I’m warming myself up by remembering lying in a hammock, sipping juice from a huge freshly plucked coconut by the tiny island of Hon Mot, a year ago today.

The island is connected to Phu Quoc by the wobbly ‘monkey bridge’, just visible in the far right of the sketch.

Pasty legs and wonky feet are all you need to make life sweet

In between slaughtering chickens, the charismatic café owner gave these two fishermen (presumably her sons) a right ear-bending every time they stopped work to watch me sketch!

No pressure!

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