For Inktober, I’m following the urban sketchers manifesto, essentially, paint it as you see it, live, as it happens. 

However today, I’ve also managed to match the official Inktober theme of ‘gigantic’. Hard not to, since everything in Vegas is gigantic.

I’m working solely in ink this month, straight down in pen with no sneaky pencil outlines first. So the MGM Grand lion could so easily have ended up wonky.

See… I really am here!

The MGM Grand lion. It could so easily have gone wrong…

I also did a quick sketch of New York-New York, whilst a couple stood next to me getting married by a man with a briefcase. Just them and a photographer. 

I added the colour sitting next to an Irish bar, in New York, in Las Vegas. Weird.

Think I made a better job of the real thing!