Number 1 –  Arthurs Seat

Arthurs Seat was damp and so was mine, after sitting in a puddle sketching this.

Dunsapie Loch and Portobello. It may look peaceful, but Arthurs Seat behind me was so busy there was even a busker entertaining the crowds.

Number 2 – Calton Hill

Evening view from Calton Hill

Calton Hill from near St Anthony’s Chapel ruins

Calton Hill from the Iron Duke

Number 3 – Waterstones Cafe Princes street

In Waterstones, I looked on with envy at the people languishing in the premium, bay window tables. Still, I did manage to wedge myself between a smaller window, the staircase and a discretely placed rodent trap to sketch the castle.

That view was wasted on him

Edinburgh castle

Wedged in the window sill

Number 4 – National Museum of Scotland

Great museum with loads to see, including the Millenium clock. When it strikes the hour, Bach blares through hidden speakers and this 20th Century dedication to human suffering becomes a strange technicolour, rotating beast. 

Edinburgh university from the roof

The Millennium clock – when death started swinging gleefully on the pendulum, I just had to sketch it!

Number 5 – The Royal Mile

Sunny and *not* raining at the same time

Bonus view

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art ‘2’, currently showing the ‘True to life’ exhibition. Well worth a visit.












All images © Claire Moore and cmoorelife, 2017

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