Hove stormsTaking inspiration from David Cameron, I decided to jump on the bandwagon today and take in a bit of flood tourism.

I’m not shameless enough to gawp at those unfortunate enough to have their homes ruined by the ceaseless deluge we’ve experienced this winter. Instead I opted for the softer option of a visit to Brighton and Hove seafront.A buried bench

Despite a big clean up after the raging high tides in January, you will still find yourself wading through pebbles and bits of pier. Forget wellies, I recommend a hard hat and some totectors!

West PierThe West pier suffered further collapse a couple of weeks ago, although you wouldn’t know it until you face it head on.

It was like watching 5 year olds dance at a school play, as those normally tightly synchronised rows of beach huts shuffled shambolically in the wind, swimming amongst pebbles and bits of old net.Crumbling beach huts

There’s no room for exactness when you are Winter sketching, particularly when you can’t actually feel your hands anymore!