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Here’s one for the fisher-mums, swimmer-mums and running-mums of Brighton and Hove

Deposit your old fishing lines here!

Anglers National Line Recycling scheme #leavenotrace

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If sketching were a holiday, Urban Sketching would be like like wild camping.

Today, thanks to lockdown I’ve ‘upgraded’ to the 5 star luxury of painting at home. No moving targets, no changing light, warm, comfortable… yet uncomfortably decadent.

Behind Asda, Brighton Marina
Eaton Place, Brighton
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Q: How long does it take an octogenarian to get the vaccine?

A: As long as it takes to do 2 sketches!

Vaccination day at Brighton Racecourse.

‘Not yet eligible’ hides in the car
They’re neck and neck into the final furlong!
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